Thursday, August 25, 2011

finally, I got it: AIESEC


Five days to Lebaran. Too fast to leave this month, i haven't felt my holiday yet. Because i'm chosen as organizing committee in aiesec lc undip for open recruitment. Although i cant feel my holiday, i'm happy with it. You know why? I get so many learning here. Was, i couldnt operate photoshop and corel draw, but now im advance of it [hahaa, i lie, just know to operate those things]. Making a great poster design, blocknote, pin, and teaser. Ito, my friend in aiesec responsible to help me. Next learning is marketing, cant wait for it. Huahh, enjoy to become an aiesecer.

I know aiesec when i was in aiesec project at malaysia: miracle youth confrence (MYC) 2009 by aiesec UPM. Talking about environment and open my eyes that our earth must be saved. I met many people from many countries, so I got many friends there. I also want to thank to iaas lc unpad that made me went abroad for the first time, and because iaas, i also know aiesec. My friend from unpad told me that she was a member of aiesec, but lost member. She said ‘aiesec is a great organization, it made me busy, and when you were there you will often to dance’. What? Dance? Ya, when i was in MYC, you danced, everyone danced, i enjoyed it. MYC was two of great lastest event i did before i left unpad. i dreamed to join aiesec someday..

Here in undip, first year i didnt hear anything about aiesec’s project. But in the second year, i saw aiesec opened an open recruitment, directly i registered it. But, when i went to focus group discussion (fgd), my practicum made me not to come, haissh! In, march 2011, open recruitment second round was opened, and it was the latest chance for me and other 2009. First, applied for the application: accepted. Second, focus group discussion, making a small group to discuss about the issue which was happening in that time. I and team got the theme about education (the regulation about final exam in Indonesia) and also 'things to bring when you are in other space' then me and my team presented it, yap I eccepted again, horay! Went to the last session. Interview, this was the longest interview that i ever had, two persons in front of me, usied formal clothe but i only used t-shirt and obsolete shoes, haah poor me. I made my self confidence although it was hard, the question made me to think, I also did presentation and marketing simulation. The day after, my friend whom I met in Pare but studied at nursing science undip who also join recruitment aiesec send me sms that we’re accepted.

The announcement published at blogspot and the committee also send sms, but i hadnt gotten it yet. I went to internet cafe to make sure that i really accepted, and yup oh God, i was so happy.

Finally, after a long time, hehe. Couldn’t wait until welcoming party, the dresscode was blue and the newie (new members) had to bring something which show you.  About dance? Ya, it’s right, full of danced haha [sampe mabok]. I also remembered induction buddies and induction camp, there, we totally know what aiesec is, especially for the aiesec way. I’m so proud to be a part of aiesec. So many learning i can get from here, it’s challenging! :D

aiesec mmuach :*
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