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Jamie Cullum Live at Java Jazz Festival 2014

Just arrived in Jakarta and ate rendang
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Jamie Cullum performed at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on February 28, 2014 at 11pm (based on schedule). But actually, he performed in the early morning on March 1, 2014, and if it were not because of Jamie Cullum, for sure, I wouldn't be there. Wasting my time on the way more than five hours fiuhh, it took up to two hours from Cempaka Putih to JIExpo (less than 3 km) by car because of traffic. Then, it took one hour to queue to the first gate daily tickets to get in to Java Jazz Festival. And finally, needed almost two hours to queue again to pass second gate tickets for Jamie Cullum special performance. I remembered at that time thatI almost fainted. The weather was so stuffy, I need oxygen.

Went into Clear Hall, where Jamie would be performed, we needed to wait again until one hour, it was because of check sound, mc chit chat, and welcoming speech from The Promotor of Java Jazz Festival, Peter F. Gontha, he awarded Gita Wirjawan, The President Candidate of Indonesia as his contribution to Java Jazz Festival.

But those all were certainly worth to wait Jamie Cullum in Java Jazz Festival 2014 because of his very spectacular performance. It was his 2nd performance in Jakarta. First time was seven years ago, when he was so young and cute. This time, Jamie opened the concert with The Same Thing, his latest album Momentum, and went about 20 songs in more than 1.5 hours. In the middle of Get Your Way, suddenly he was standing atop and leaping off the piano, also played snare drum and cow bell for Everything You Didn’t Do, and beatboxed, produce music from his body by mouth then hit the chest and cheek, which are Drop It Like It’s Hot, Xo, and I could Have Danced All Night. Jamie Cullum is the most talented and attractive person, without doubt, he is the most entertaining musician I have ever seen. He acted like an attractive child, moved here and there, could never sit still while playing the piano. He’s 35, but still looks ridiculously youthful. He showed great stage presence. The energy was so amazing, like a machine, his condition was stable till the end.


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Jamie Cullum Played Cowbell, Snore Drum, and Beatboxed
Source: Video JJF2014 (Youtube)

Jamie Cullum on JJF 2007
Source: Video JJF 2007 (Youtube)

Jamie Cullum on JJF 2014
Source: Video JJF 2014 (Youtube)

To get close to the audiences, Jamie Cullum went down the stage. I’ve watched the other performance on DVD when he did his live concert at Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 for album The Pursuit in Rotterdam, Jamie also went down the stage, and sang in the middle of audience. Unfortunately, the Clear Hall JJF 2014 was fenced, so Jamie was just singing along outside the fence. I believe if it weren’t fenced, he would have done like what happened at Montreux Jazz Festival. Jamie, in several times also said Thank You in Bahasa Indonesia, shouted “Jakarta’, even 'I Love You, too' and inserted some words like “Indonesian’s girl bla bla bla and “Java Jazz..” (I don’t know then) in some of the songs, and change London Skies to Jakarta Skies. He is such a very humble entertainer.

The most awesome thing was when Jamie Cullum gave us extra time more than 30 minutes. One more thing, Jamie Cullum didn’t make a list in this performance, he decided it when he got on stage, WOW! As I saw there,he was so happy to be right here in JI Expo, as he said “Jakarta, we’ve come a long way to play for you tonight. We’re so so happy to be here tonight..” Of course, there were thousands of audiences watched him, shouted and cheered from the beginning till the end. Standing Ovation!

The concert was more than I expected, I didn’t realize there were so many people came there, and I couldn’t believe so many Indonesian people know about Jamie Cullum, and also his songs. I felt like all citizen in Jakarta was compiled at Java Jazz Festival. 12,000 special tickets were sold out to see Special Show of Jamie Cullum.
Taken from Stage by Brad Webb
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These were the list that Jamie song that night (if I didn’t wrong), and you know what, his voice came out just like in the CD.
1.        The Same Thing (Momentum)
2.        Get Your Way (Catching Tales)
3.        I’m All Over It (The Pursuit)
4.        Everything You Didn’t Do (Momentum)
5.        What A Difference A Day Made (Twenty Something)
6.        Just One Of Those Things  (The Pursuit, Written By Cole Porter)
7.        The Wind Cries Mary (Twenty Something, By Jimi Hendrix)
8.        Mind Trick (Catching Tales)
9.        Everlasting Love (Twenty Something)
10.     Save Your Soul (Momentum)
11.     Drop It Like It's Hot (By Snoop Dog)
12.     Xo (By Beyonce)
13.     I Could Have Dance All Night (Twenty Something)
14.     Get Lucky (By Daff Punk)
15.     Love For Sale (Momentum)
16.     When I Get Famous (Momentum)
17.     Please Don't Stop The Music (By Rihanna)
18.     I'm All at Sea (Twenty Something)
19.     London Skies (Catching tales)
20.     These Are The Days (Twenty Something)

21.     Mixtape (The Pursuit)

Jamie’s Touring Band which is immensely talented are Tom Richards (saxophonist, occasional guitarist and percussion), Rory Simmons (trumpeter and guitarist), Loz Garratt (bass), and Brad Webb (drums). What a stirling job they all did, played more than one instruments and provided magical musical instrument moments on stage.

The Band (left to right): BradWebb, Loz Garratt, Jamie Cullum, Rory Simmons, and Tom Richards
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For those who couldn’t be there can watch him by streaming at, and you can download full the concert here

Before, Jamie Cullum also did press conference, you can download here

Press Conference
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That day was a FUNtastic day to remember, not only because this is the first time I come to Java Jazz after 10 years hold, but also the first time to me watched Jamie Cullum directly, can’t wait to see him again. Please come back real soon to Indonesia, don’t wait for another seven years again :D

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