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This is a game which I played yesterday with my friends while we’re trying to learn English together, and I’m writing this with English, too. Otim, you must be regret because you missed this. The name of the game is Play God, sounds interesting, right? Because here, we played a role as a God [WOW!], we have right to make very important decisions that seriously affect other people’s live.

This case remembered me several years ago, when I joined AIESEC LC Undip recruitment in Focus Group Discussion (FGD) step, we divided into group, and did this thing with different case, the case was about what should we bring in outer space. Fun!

The Case


A nuclear was has just taken a place! Soon, most of the world will be destroyed by radiation. However, you, the delegates of the United Nations, have just learned that due to unusual wind patterns one small, uninhabited island 300 miles off the coast of Australia will not be completely destroyed. Scientists think that the plants on the island will be damaged, but the soil will not be ruined.

Unfortunately, there is only time for one small airplane at an Australian airport to make it to the island. Aside from the pilot, the plane can carry only six people. But there are 10 people at the airport who want to get on the airplane. As delegates of UN, you have one hour to decide which six of the following people will live, and which four must die.

Remember, as you decide on a basis for selecting people, that the six people you choose will have to start a new civilization. Give reasons why decide possible survivors, reasons in favor of survival, and reason against survival!

The Possible Survivors:
1.      A man of religion (age unknown)
2.      A homosexual doctor (male, age 46)
3.      A female singer (age 30)
4.      A policeman with a gun (age unknown)
5.      The chief of an African tribe (age unknown)
6.      The chief pregnant wife (age unknown)
7.      A judge (male age 41)
8.      A university professor (female age 32)
9.      A warrior from a near by South Pacific with a spear (male, age unknown)
10.   An alcoholic agricultural scientist (female, age unknown)

Well actually, the real condition was not as easy as I imagine before. We discussed and argued, the end we got different perception. These were the result of our discussion, with my modification.

First thing first, we have to know what should we do aftermath, in this case is a nuclear war.Just do the the best, think that we are smart, because we are God (UN delegate actually). I made this situation like Adam and Hawa little verion, because earth is like a new place, but here we had some qualified people, and we need to choose who will be the next Adam and Hawa (with adding 4 more people haha). There are several things we should do aftermath, which are: 

1. Survive
Of course, the first important thing is how to survive in the new world, how they can live longer to start a new civilization with only six people inside.
 2. Food
To live longer, we need an ammunition to our body: food. But think again, how come? A nuclear war has just happened.
3. Someone who makes us not to give up
It must be hard to make themselves keep in good spirit, I believe some of them may be give up, or may be want to suicide. So, what they need is someone who makes them not to give up. Who? Find out later!
4. Regeneration
This is the most important thing: a regeneration. By what? Man and woman do *sensor*. Because of a new live, they need man, woman, family, society, civil, and new civilization. That’s what people do in the world.

There are ten people, but plane can carry only six people. The possible survivors we chose:
 1. A female singer (female)
 2. The chief of an African tribe (male)
 3. The chief pregnant wife (female)
 4. A university professor (female)
 5. A warrior from a near by South Pacific Island with a spear (male)
 6. An alcoholic agricultural scientist (female)

Reasons in favor of survival:
In a community we need to choose a chief, the most qualified candidate was the chief of an African tribe, because when we see his title, we knew he had long and good track record, didn’t you? He was born and live from Africa, he knew how to live a new live with followers. He got a natural leader that came from his self, very natural, because he was from nature, the real nature which has yet contaminated. Absolutely, he knew how to survive and lead a tribe.

A warrior male from a near by South Pacific Island, he had spear to fish or hunt animal (still hope there’re still healthy animal remnants from a nuclear war). And usually, a warrior was taught how to survive when they’re in war, and know how to coordinate each other. Those will help others to survive.

It said the plants on the island will be damaged, but the soil will not be ruined, that’s why they need a soil scientist, at least agricultural scientist who knows little bit about soil and know how to cultivate the land. And here she is, an alcoholic agricultural scientist. Hope this scientist will help them to make some food.

There were two men and four women, as I said, they need regeneration to create a new civilization, that’s why women was more important than men in case of regeneration. In calculation, one baby born in 9 months, so four woman will make it faster. Although, there were two women we didin’t know the age, one of them is the chief pregnant wife (although it will make the man hard to do ‘that’ thing, and what do you think if we don’t choose the chief’s wife, we’ll die) and another one is an alcoholic, and maybe it will be hard to make a healthy baby from an alcoholic. Oh yaa, the new place is nothing, it means there is no alcohol, and she won’t be an alcoholic ever. But, the others was in fertile age: The singer is in 30, we think she’s fine, and the young university professor, 32, was brilliant, she will born a smart baby. Just make a fortune :))

Reasons against survival:
A man of religion. First, we think they need someone who will lead (in religion) and make them not to give up, the religion man could handle this. But again, we think without this man, they can support each other.  About the religion? We can’t force them to choose the same religion like the religion man, they can keep their previous religion. Let God send His messenger to this new civilization, then let it flow.

A homosexual doctor. We hesitate to throw away this homo, but after long discussion, we decide to let him go, not because of his homosexual, we just think there is nothing he can do, because they already got the chief of an African tribe and wife, a warrior with a spear, and an agricultural scientist. If they combined in one, they can help sick people with organic concoction.

A policeman with a gun. We don’t need him so much, really. What for the gun for a new live?

A judge. My friend said that they need a judge to make a regulation or law, but again I said: what for? Because they live with only six people inside, small regulation is ok, and it can be made by themselves. Judge is for civilization with big society.

Nuclear energy is the world’s largest source of emission-free energy, and so much advantages can we get from it. What makes it dangerous is when we don’t know and do not use it carefully, but disaster is still disaster, we don’t know when and where it will be happened. As long as nuclear weapons exist, there are always be positive or negative effects. If we don’t want to make this case really happened, please do it wisely.

The End.

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